Mystic Gallery

Mystic Gallery is a hidden-object game with a painting theme
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Mystic Gallery is a hidden-object game with a painting theme. Throughout the game, you will be shown different paintings with lists of objects to find. The list includes six objects, but new are added as you find them. The objects are perfectly camouflaged with the painting, so they are very difficult to spot. To add even more challenge, there's a meter that decreases whenever you make an incorrect click. If the meter empties, you'll have to start over again. If you can't spot an object, you can use the magnifying glass and also the hints. Hints are unlimited and they take only a few moments to recharge. However, the area shown when you use the hints is pretty big, so you will have to pay close attention to find the object. Once you located all the objects, you have to spin the wheel to carry out a skill test about painting. The wheel includes all kinds of games including trivia, puzzles, spot-the-differences, to name but a few. Also, if you manage to catch the flying wheels that appear from time to time while you play hidden-object games, you get even more skill tests to play. There are also gems hidden in the scenes that help you skip the skill tests that you don't like or don't wish to play. In order to finish a level, you must complete or skip at least three skill tests. As you pass the levels, the paintings are placed in the gallery.
Regarding the graphics, they are nice, but certainly of not great quality. I suggest you play in window mode, since the graphics look better. Sounds are also average and the music is fine.
In short, Mystic Gallery is an enjoyable hidden-object game that offers an original gameplay that is even educational since you will learn many things about painting and test your knowledge on this subject.

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  • Original gameplay
  • Lots of mini-games
  • Challenging


  • Graphics are not of great quality
  • Only one mode and one difficulty level



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